Chronic Fatigue Vs. Tiredness


Chronic Fatigue Vs. Tiredness

Just say no to more caffeeine and yes to these simple tips for improving your energy.

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21 thoughts on “Chronic Fatigue Vs. Tiredness

  1. ThatRandomWriter

    i came here from the anxiety one because i have anxiety but is it possible to have chronic fatigue because of anxiety? because both things literally relate SO MUCH

  2. skylar mcleod

    i think i have this but i think its caused by either my anxiety or depression. is that possible?

  3. Mary Gelpi

    Dudes, as someone who's been sick for 2 decades, I appreciate the effort to help bring awareness, but there are some key issues here. First and maybe most importantly, um, you got the NAME WRONG. "Chronic fatigue" is not a disease, it's a symptom of many different diseases and viruses– so unless you were trying to make a vid about a symptom verse a feeling, you missed the mark. The name of this disease is called myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) Calling it by the right name is vital– basically everyone has "chronic fatigue"-that's what most people consider tired, which is why they respond with what you wrote at the end l: "I'm tired too!" MECFS isn't feeling tired all the time: it's severe muscle weakness to the point that 1/4 of us can't walk and are bedridden. It's constant muscle and joint pain, nausea and dizziness, migraines, sleep issues, light and sound intolerance, and major cognitive impairment- those are just some of the bad ones.. really. I say this with good intentions and I'm happy you're trying to bring awareness to this disease. But if you're going to go after it, start at least with an accurate baseline and get the name right. Someone with mecfs would KILL to have a life where "chronic fatigue" were the only thing we were up against. I am happy to help, or refer you to a hundred different people with moderate to severe mecfs, who could help make a more accurate video about this devastating disease. We need it– and I do thank yall for tying. There is a lot of misinformation out there so I just want to try and offer up the truth about this thing from someone who knows it well. Thank you again.

  4. Elizabeth Johnson

    thank you! As a 16 YEAR OLD GIRL, I thought this was how everyone was. I now know I have narcolepsy, and I'm so glad this weight is gone ❤ if you think something is not normal, ask. Better safe than sorry.

  5. xoxsaraxox

    Ive been suffering from this for a long time all of this mentioned im only 12 but i think i have CHRONIC FATIGUE !! idk ………….

  6. Scott FW

    Yes, brain fog – suddenly having no idea how the tool you are using at your job works, right in the middle of using it, when you've been using that kind of tool for a couple decades. And then you discover you can't remember where you live, you know what your house looks like but have no clue where it is, and you start to fear you are having a stroke. And several hours later the ER doctor says, have you ever heard of chronic fatigue?

  7. Mari

    It can be kind of cured with amfetamin or cocaine but it's nothing i would recomend if your mental state is at the bottom. It will swing you down 10 times harder. Not by only using now and then but since cocaine is a painkiller it's easy to get stuck if you're in pain mentally….

  8. Muzzardonmyfeet

    Can fatigue be caused by a fever? Because i have a fever and i feel really tired all the time, I have a hard time getting out of bed and I have a crick in my neck du to resting to much i think. Like I don't really think about my actions or really remember what i've been doing that much. I almost feel constantly drunk it's weird


    This is too easy. I have had fatigue after cancer treatment for 5 years. I never sleep enogh even all have been tried out. And training? When you dont even manage to stand in the shower but need a chair? Come on. For a lot of us its not this simple.

  10. Gabrielle Freeman Swagger Vlogs and animations

    fatigue is the worst. it's painful. it's caused me to fall asleep at random times. I'm gonna start having a nap schedule and get more sleep


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