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Integrative Medicine Provides a Holistic Approach to Health

Integrative medicine is defined as a combination of mainstream science-based medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies to provide more opportunities for treatment and wellbeing. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there has been some scientific evidence pointing toward the safety and effectiveness of this type of practice when compared to traditional Western medicine.

The NCCAM basically explains integrative medicine as “cherry picking” the best validated therapies from both areas of medical practice, creating an emphasis on getting the patient better as opposed to focusing on which type of medicine is utilized to achieve that result. This healing-oriented practice of integrative medicine takes the whole person into account– mind, body, and spirit– and emphasizes the importance of well-being primarily, while still offering treatment options for patients who are already ill. There are some basic principles of holistic health and integrative medicine that help further explain what this method offers:

● This is a partnership between the patient and provider for the sake of healing
● The provider takes into consideration all factors that influence wellness and disease, including mind, body, spirit, and environment
● This is a philosophy that does not necessarily reject conventional medicine or accept alternative medicine, but combines the two uncritically.
● The use of natural and less-invasive procedures and treatments whenever possible
● The use of broader health concepts to promote wellbeing and prevent illness
● Training of providers can allow them to be models of total health and healing, committed to the processes of self development and exploration.
● Appropriate use of methods to facilitate healing, including both conventional and alternative medicine

Integrative medicine is particularly popular at teaching hospitals and medical academic institutions like Duke, Harvard, Yale, and even the Mayo Clinic. The focus on research is changing the face of medicine and helping drive the integrative care model into the future as the preferred method of treatment for many patients. There are a number of different therapies and treatments available from the naturopathic doctors that Phoenix AZ has to offer, as well as more than 30 years of experience in the holistic and integrative medicine fields.

Finding an Integrative Medicine Provider

There are a number of medical facilities that cater to holistic health and naturopathy. Phoenix is home to Longevity Medical Health Center, a facility that has been practicing in naturopathy for over three decades and that has been given awards for its research and treatment therapies. The clinic provides access to the most reputable naturopathic doctors Phoenix AZ has to offer, along with a variety of services and therapies for patients to choose from. Residents in the Phoenix area, as well as patients of Longevity that come from out of town, will offer insight and positive reviews of the services they have received by choosing integrative medicine at this particular clinic.

If you aren’t in the Phoenix area or even if you just want a few extra tips, make sure that you are looking for a naturopathic doctor that can provide you with the therapies and treatments that you need. Not all facilities work with integrative medicine, and no two clinics have the exact same list of procedures and therapy options. Get to know the provider, see what services they offer, and find out what they can do for you. This is designed to be a lifelong relationship, which is why finding the right naturopathic doctor in Phoenix AZ is so critical to your success with integrative medicine.

If you want to learn more about holistic wellness and integrative care or see what therapies and services are available to you, you can visit the website of Longevity Medical Health Center.

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