210 Pound Weight Loss Journey


If you are overweight, you can experience weight loss success and share your own weight loss journey in the near future.

Weight loss is possible, but only if you know it is a journey, not an overnight transformation.

magic wand photoToo many people believe that a weight loss will happen quickly with a magic pill or a six week diet. They want a way to lose weight in a way that does not involve a change to their overall lifestyle. They want the “magic pill” or a short diet to do the work of eliminating excess fat on their body. This is why we see so many miracle weight loss pills and diet books on the market.

There is no magic to weight loss. No magic wand; no fairy dust. It is a life-long journey.

The 70% Solution

Because 70% of Americans are overweight, the weight loss industry is a huge and profitable enterprise. According to the research organization Marketdata Enterprises which specializes in tracking niche industries, Americans spend more than $60 billion annually in an effort to lose weight.

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Many people join gyms to lose weight and get in shape. Nearly $23 billion is spent by 55 million Americans on gym memberships. If going to the gym does not seem to produce immediate results, the motivation to exercise often dwindles. So, while the average gym membership costs $58 per month, only 18% of members use the gym consistently.

Diets May Lower Your Metabolism

Practically everyone who wants to lose weight has tried dieting. It is estimated that 45 million Americans start a diet each year. And many of these people will buy diet book to guide them.

Many diets have you eliminate healthy foods and so provide poor nutrition. While most diets do help you lose fat, you also lose muscle mass at the same time.

Loss of muscle reduces your metabolism and is a major problem with diets. This causes your body to burn fewer calories after your diet than before you started your diet. And, most people put more weight back on after they go off their diet, making matters worse.

Weight Loss Journey

But, temporary diets, diet pills or good intentions for exercise are not the answer to our overweight crisis. It took years living an unhealthy lifestyle to put on too much weight. It was a lifestyle that put on the weight. It’s going to be a new and better lifestyle that will take off the weight and keep it off.

That new lifestyle will include consistently getting good nutrition, eating healthy foods, and getting enough rest and exercise.

Here is a beautifully inspiring weight loss video about one person who took that journey and succeeded.

Summer’s Weight loss Journey l 210lbs Gone Naturally

My name is

I began my Journey in 2014 and have been maintaining my 200+lb weight loss since 2015. The next step in my journey will be excess skin removal.

I am also expecting my first baby…boy (Ky) and I’m due in a week from today 🙂 I have gained exactly 3Olbs over the entire pregnancy.

– I lost this weight completely Naturally through healthy Dietary changes and a very active lifestyle.(NO WL SURGERY)
-I do NOT market any weight loss products for any company.
-I am not YET certified in Fitness/Nutrition therefore, I can not provide personalized meal or workout plans.
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13 thoughts on “210 Pound Weight Loss Journey

  1. Lauren Clark

    OH MY GOD I took adderall too, I lost 40 pounds on it within 2 months, so now I'm on strattera. I gained every bit of the weight I lost back and then some more. I think that when you suppress your diet for so long and then stop taking it, your body doesn't know how to control its hunger anymore

  2. Kalee Stepp

    This is an awesome video I love seeing transformations, I just started up my youtube channel about my weight loss journey, so far I’ve lost 45 pounds. I hope someone can find inspiration in my videos like I did with others on your tube! Thanks to whoever checks it out!

  3. Grace Kelly

    Just have been looking at some of your videos… wow. So inspiring and so great to see people who get their influence on others xx I love knowing there are people who get that it's about being healthy not skinny – you are the cutest! I love your authenticity xxx definitely proud to be a new subscriber ✨

  4. Belen Iglesias

    I have always felt self conscious about my body, because I've never been skinny. This was basically because when my parents divorced about 3 years ago y had so much anxiety and I started eating really badly, I didn't care as I was just 11. The year after that I went to England to a school for a whole year just by myself so I also ate so badly and last year I had trouble with my dad's gf so, as you can imagine I gained weight but I've never been so desperate to change my body because as you said you want to see results really quickly. I loved this video because seeing that someone as amazing as you had the same trouble gives me hope. I love you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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