Exercise and Supplementation for Long Life – Pre and Post Workout Supplements


Exercise and supplementation can lead to a long, healthy, life. All people who exercise need to take nutritional supplements to replenish nutrients lost through sweat.

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Vigorous exercise typically causes a person to sweat.

Most people know that sweat consists of water and salt. The fluid in sweat comes from blood vessels near the skin surface. Losing fluid in your blood makes the blood thicker, more difficult to move though the circulatory system.

This is why there is so much talk about hydration.

But, sweat contains more than just water and salt. Sweat contains all the nutrients in the blood. This is why sweat often feels sticky, not like simple salt water. When you sweat you lose a “soup” containing all the nutrients in the blood, including electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

If your are not taking pre and post workout supplements that supply all the nutrients lost through sweat you are in danger of a major physical failure.

Importance of Supplementation for Long Life

You may know that minerals are co-factors in practically every bodily profess. This means that minerals are absolutely essential for every bodily process. Without adequate minerals you will suffer a degradation in one or more bodily process. This can lead to disease and even death.

A major cause of death among student athletes is sudden cardiac arrest. In Ohio, parents of student athletes must watch the following video and complete paperwork showing they are aware of the potential for sudden cardiac arrest for their child.

Sudden cardiac arrest can be caused by a structural defect in the heart, inability of the body to electrically control the heart, heart infections, or a blow to the heart.

Many nutrients are required for heart health. Among the most important are Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, magnesium, enzyme CoQ10, folic acid (vitamin B9), and potassium. In addition, potassium helps stabilize the pumping action of the heart, calcium helps regulate heart function, phosphorus is important in metabolism and muscle contractions, and an imbalance in potassium to sodium ratios can lead to heart irregularity.

Dr. Wallach has experience treating athletes and has some good advice for those participating in an exercise program, whether competitive or simply for health.

Dead Athletes Don’t Lie – Dr. Joel Wallach

Exercise without supplementation is suicide!
1 – Exercise without supplementation is suicide!
2 – Wallach treats you like a dog, but you get better! (6:56)
3 – The difference is in the minerals (14:26)
4 – Mike Glenn – Why do professional athletes die so young? (21:36)
5 – Mike Glen – Story of Theo Ratliff and Rebound Fx (26:22)
6 – Theo Ratliff – The Rebound Fx difference (47:22)

In short, if you are going to exercise, you should go on a supplementation program to help replenish nutrients lost through sweat. Exercise and supplementation can help ensure a long, healthy life.

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