Exposure to Violence and Obesity Linked in Teens


The way to health is often to emphasize the nutritious and healthful and eliminate what is harmful. And, we know that what is harmful is not just food and drink.

Psychological impacts on our lives can cause us to see food as a means of comfort, even as a friend. Whether we try to deal with violence in our families or other losses and disappointments, overeating is sometimes the default coping mechanism.

Overeating will add fat to our bodies. And this extra fat can be lead to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis,  or a host of other medical problems.

Here are two important areas you should learn about so you can help yourself or others.

Exposure to Violence and Obesity Linked in Teens

Teens consumed more unhealthy foods and beverages on days they were exposed to violence, and suffered from fatigue due to poor sleep the following day, according to a new study. Those behaviors, especially increased soda consumption, are important predictors of weight gain.
Nutrition Research News — ScienceDaily

Two Obese Families Cope With Overeating

Here is a video about two families that resorted to gastric bypass surgeries to help eliminate their excessive eating. The stomach will be smaller after surgery so it cannot accept the large amounts of food that caused the weight gain.

Andy Richardson and brother Paul have a combined weight of half a ton! Andy, weighing an enormous 42.5 stone, under goes weight-loss surgery. He is now less than half the man he was. (For Americans, 1 stone equals 14 pounds.)

Julie Festusy, with a BMI of 70, is super morbidly obese. Carrying the excess weight has taken it’s toll on Julie’s body. She urgently needs a knee replacement but for this operation she’s been told she’ll need to lose 70% of her weight.

A gastric bypass performed by Dr Shaw Somers is her only hope. She’s also desperate to get back to Tanzania to see her husband, but at her current weight she’s unable to fit in an airplane seat. If she doesn’t have the procedure she’’ll end up in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.


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