Instructive Asthma information for you.


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More than 300 million people around the world suffer from asthma, and around 250,000 people die from it each year. But why do people get asthma, and how can this disease be deadly? Christopher E. Gaw describes the main symptoms and treatments of asthma.


25 thoughts on “Instructive Asthma information for you.

  1. 🎃Chirovitrieri🎃

    My mall visits are exactly like that scene from Spongebob. And the laundry isle. Damn secondhand smoke. :")

  2. NoahLouiLife

    Person in class: *about to spray fragrance*
    Person in class: is anybody asthmatic?
    Asthmatic Person: I am-
    Person in class: sorry! *sprays*

    Like wtf???


    Its Terrible Ive Been Having Trouble Breathing Since Summer Hit. im guessing it the humidity. ugh… shortness of breath sucks.

  4. Suman Devarmani

    wow thank you for the Amazing video it really helps understanding d concept in a very simple manner

  5. Creeder

    I have asthma but thank god it's not very severe… at the worst I have to sit down and spend 30 minutes recovering from an attack

  6. Priyanka K

    i am suffering frm allergic bronchitis. …sometimes acid reflux frm my stomach also leads to shortening of breath….how this conditions can be related to asthama

  7. Coolgirl196 AJ

    I had asthma when I was really young and I got cured of it so therefore there is a cure so you got this wrong


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