Mineral Deficiencies Cause Many Symptoms of Disease


Mineral deficiencies cause many symptoms of disease that most people treat with prescription drugs. Yet, the prescription drugs cannot cure the cause of these symptoms. Only by restoring proper nutrition can your body begin the healing process.

In this video David Ewens talks about the causes of nutrient deficiencies plus details the very best Bio-available (absorbable) nutrients to use as the foundation for wellness.

He furthermore covers the particular little-known proven fact that rock extracted elemental minerals/metals (iron, zinc, etc) which are commonly used within supplements and mineral water are in fact dangerous to the body.

You will find approximately seventy two Minerals which are essential for basic health procedures. Without all of them, the bodily processes can start to become unstable.

Many symptoms of disease begin with mineral deficiency. Minerals help the body heal and maintain health.

Minerals are required for:

  1. Good health and healing
  2. Utilization of amino acids to build proteins
  3. Production of energy
  4. Exercise and weight loss

A mineral deficiency generally leads to the slowing down of some metabolic process or bodily function. Left untreated, this will likely lead to an overall collapse of a metabolic process and symptoms that will be recognized as a disease.

These diseases are often treated by medical doctors with medicines or drugs that try to reduce the symptoms. But, the drugs primarily treat the side effects of nutrient deficiencies. And, often the drugs have their own dangerous side effects.

But, the body can naturally eliminate most diseases when it gets the proper nutrients, including minerals.

Mineral deficiency – Dr Joel Wallach speaks about High Blood Pressure

Dr. Wallach describes some minerals that have a positive effect on health — and a negative effect on health when they are missing.

From salt to eggs, too many people are doing exactly the wrong things when it comes to health. Avoiding important nutrients such as minerals can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Most people in western countries suffer from mineral deficiencies. The reason is simple. Minerals are not being replaced in the soil. Fruits and vegetables cannot manufacture minerals. They must get them from the soil.

So, what changed in the last 100 years?

People today cook on gas or electric stoves. They heat their homes with natural gas or maybe oil.

Even so, more primitive people often do not suffer with mineral deficiencies. Again, the reason is simple.

More primitive people still cook on a wood fire. They heat their living quarters with a wood fire. And, every morning they take the wood ashes and put them in their gardens.

Wood ashes are simply the minerals in the wood that won’t burn. By adding the wood ashes to the garden, minerals are added to the soil. And, plants take up the minerals. And the minerals are thus found in the grains of wheat or corn, and in the carrots, tomatoes and apples.

You would be surprised to learn that immigrants to the US from countries like Yemen say that our fruits and vegetables taste bland, like cardboard. That’s because our foods in the United States lack minerals.

Those people who cook with wood fires then benefit from the added minerals by not getting high blood pressure, heart attacks, or the symptoms of a myriad of other diseases.

Why would anyone neglect taking health promoting minerals when they are easily available?

Take a look at Dr. Wallach’s nutritional formulation for good health. Try Youngevity’s “Mighty 90” nutrients for yourself to see their effects on your own health and well being.

18 thoughts on “Mineral Deficiencies Cause Many Symptoms of Disease

  1. Jeff Hobbs

    Most mineral supps are only 2 – 20% absorbed into the cell. ReMag and ReMyte by rnareset.com are 100% absorbed. Read Invisible Minerals 1 and 2 (Free pdf at rnareset.com). 20 years ahead of it's time.

  2. ritchietheforky

    what are thede minerals 60/72? qhat are the 16 vitamens? and what are the 2/3 amino acids? could you list these items or leave a link to where i can identify them thanks

  3. David Castellanos

    I have been drinking sea water for 7 years now and it has been incredibly for me 🙂 the most complete and precise form of the elements the human body needs…

  4. Estelle Loving

    I use PLANT BASED minerals from youngevity. This is a wonderful and thorough presentation! I have also recenly ordered enzymes from puradyme.

  5. Shaun Ignacio

    The cell membrane potential created by potassium and sodium ions allows the cell to generate an action potential—a "spike" of electrical discharge. The ability of cells to produce electrical discharge is critical for body functions such as neurotransmission, muscle contraction, and heart function.[19]

    Potassium contributes to neurotransmission, which may explain the mental fatigue/fog/depression.

  6. Shaun Ignacio

    Its Potassium that most people are deficient in. As Americans we consume too much Sodium and too little Potassium..

  7. maat he, joseph Andy johns


  8. maat he, joseph Andy johns


  9. carl blyth

    thank you for all the direct and clear information …this is about the best i have heard on mineral absorption and supplementation…

  10. Annette Kurstein Andersen

    I went on Trevo website and it promotes joining them by starting a bussiness. I am just interested in bying the product and see how it Works… why can't I do that?

  11. Ro Po

    Good sound information ,; followed / hijacked by an outrageous advertising bullshit , (a miracle in a bottle) Which has been processed ,pasteurized,and refined could be months or years old too , that no longer contains any life force or goodness , Where the free steak knifes ???

  12. Celestine Nwachukwu

    the best results that I have ever had was by following the Caths Skin Magic (just google it) – without a doubt the most incredible method that I've followed.

  13. DeceptiveReality Nd

    copper!!??? fluoride???
    how about those 2?? what are they for?? how to achieve them naturally??
    what if not having them regularly??


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