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Toxic Chemicals in Your Mattress

MattressHave you bought a new mattress and suddenly don’t feel right? You could be breathing dangerous chemicals carried on dust stirred up from your mattress. Flame retardants are all too common in mattresses and pillows.

An article in Scientific American, Tests Find More Than 200 Chemicals in Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood, describes a study of the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies. The study found more than 200 chemicals in the newborn babies. This confirmed the body burden of toxins found in an earlier study.

United States federal laws do not require toxicity data for chemicals before they are widely used. Only about 20% of the 3000 widely used chemicals have been tested as to their effects on developing organs. And, almost no chemicals are tested in combination with other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Anila Jacobs, Environmental Working Group’s senior scientist, stated that mixtures of chemicals are also a problem. Many young newborns have been exposed to more than 200 contaminating chemicals during their most vulnerable days of their lives.

Every day of our lives we are exposed to artificial chemicals made by industrial giants.

Flame Retardants

Some contaminants most people are exposed to for many hours each day are found in our mattresses. Mattresses are required to be flame retardant to prevent them catching fire when exposed to a two foot wide flame of a blowtorch for 70 seconds.

A major problem is that mattress manufacturers will not reveal the chemicals used in their products as flame retardants. But, common chemicals include boric acid, antimony, and decabromodiphenyl oxide.

Nearly all Americans tested have trace levels of flame retardants in their body. This contamination comes from direct contact through the skin or inhalation of dust particles in the air. In addition, some flame retardant chemicals degrade to form other toxic chemicals that are metabolized into the body.

Flame retardants are in mattresses, couches, car seats, electronics, and building insulation. Toxic flame retardants are so prevalent in the home that firefighters are becoming ill by breathing in the toxic chemicals while fighting a fire.


Your Mattress Could Be Killing You

Your Mattress Could Be Killing You

Of particular concern should be your bedding including mattress, pillows, and blankets. You spend nearly a third of your life in bed. Rolling over and adjusting your position stresses padding producing fine dust particles. Further moving causes dust particles to fly around and you breathe them in. And, some of that dust will contain the fire retardant chemicals in your mattress.

If you are concerned about fire retardants in home furnishings and bedding, there are two top-notch certifications you should be aware of:

  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.
  • GOLS: Global Organic Latex Standard is a materials and processing standard for organic latex and finished latex foam. Organic latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree, rather than from petroleum.

Here is a short video describing the GOTS certification:

Global Organic Textile Standard

Toxic Mattresses

Watch this news story about toxic and cancer causing chemicals in mattresses from NBC in Indianapolis. Most mattresses now contain poisons and it is proven these are absorbed by our bodies. Many doctors say they are unsafe.

NBC SLEEPING WITH DANGER Toxic Chemicals in all mattresses

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The toxins in mattresses and pillows may be causing symptoms of serious health risks such as skin irritation, memory problems, internal organ damage, and even cancers. These toxins get into your blood stream, breast milk, and umbilical cord blood. Here is a tragic story about one person’s discovery process and attempted resolution.

Tragic Saga of the Toxic Serta Mattress

Rachel’s personal experience with physical and mental health issues resulting in long term damage from extended exposure to chemical fire retardants. Lengthy but a must WATCH for all, especially those with immunological problem.

Safe Mattresses

Starting in 2014 manufacturers were no longer required to use flame retardant chemicals. Some manufacturers use organic materials like wool which is naturally flame retardant. But, you must be careful to find mattresses without toxic chemicals.

Please check out some recommended GOTS / GOES Mattresses to help remain healthy.