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Strengthening Your Back – How To Build Wider Shoulders and Good Posture

Strengthening the back not only helps you look good. It helps your posture and helps prevent neck pain and back pain.

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Your back supports your upper body and must be strong to avoid stress, strain, and eventual pain. While many people overemphasize the lower back, the upper back muscles must also be strong. Doing the right upper back strengthening exercises should be part of your exercise routine.

Some people who have let their muscles atrophy through lack of good exercise have poor posture, and actually have a “bent over” look. This bad posture crowds all the organs of the chest and reduces their functionality. Now is the time to decide to take care of this problem and restore good posture.

Not only will strengthening the back make you look and feel better, but they will increase your metabolism. This is important for anyone wanting to manage their body fat percentage. New lean muscle burns Calories. A pound of lean muscle burns 30 to 50 extra Calories a day, just because it’s there. Do work with those new muscles and you will burn even more Calories.

Upper back exercises can be performed with dumbbells, barbells, or machines. If you are a member of a gym you have a wide selection of machines and weights that can help restore your posture and improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

This first video will help you understand the importance of your upper back muscles. Just look at the difference between the “rounded shoulder” look and the “good posture”, shoulders back look.

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Back Strengthening Exercises

Now take a look at a couple of short videos showing you the proper techniques for doing some simple upper back exercises. If you do not do these exercises with the proper form you will not receive the maximum benefits.

Scarecrows or Reverse Cable Fly
Scarecrows or reverse cable fly is performed on cable machines in which you pull outward to extend your arms. Here is the proper technique.

Seated Low Row
Here is the proper technique for doing a seated low row.

These and other exercises for the upper back will make you both look good and feel good. Make sure you do these exercises every week as part of your normal workout plan.