Thinking About Going Vegan for Weight Loss?


Choosing to live a Vegan lifestyle for weight loss is not always easy. It can make things a bit complicated when it is time to plan meals, as well as will typically involve a bit more planning ahead since you will not be able to easily pull everything for meals straight from the freezer. While it is still possible to use some frozen foods in the Vegan lifestyle, many fruits and vegetables simply do not taste the same once they have been frozen. If this is a problem that you are encountering it may be necessary to invest some money into planting a garden that you can use to obtain many of your foods so that they will always be fresh.

Here are some videos that will help you decide your future.

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Trying to create a new eating habit and switch to Veganism is something that more people are attempting to do each year. From a lifestyle that used to be quite uncommon, it has grown into a much more popular option and is finding a massive amount of support in all walks of life. People who work two jobs, people who live in multi-million dollar houses and even the rebelling teenager down the block are all likely to be vegans at this point. With so many people turning to veganism it is no doubt that you have wondered exactly what it would mean for yourself as well.

Most people think that veganism is exactly like vegetarianism. However, this is actually incorrect; they are two separate ideas that only share a few similarities.

Vegetarianism is an easier lifestyle to adopt and is much less rigid. Vegan is much stricter and can be much harder for someone to change to on a quick basis. This can make it difficult to actually change to vegan living immediately.

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To get the biggest benefits out of living as a vegan (including weight loss) it is very important to follow all of the guidelines. This means avoiding all foods and food products that include animals, or are made from animal parts. This includes meat, honey, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and other similar products. A true Vegan diet will consist on massive quantities of breads, vegetables, fruits, pastas and other similar foods. This can be an extremely different diet for someone to adopt that is used to eating large quantities of meat and could be a bit difficult at first.

Working to make some slow changes is typically recommended to make the entire process as simple as possible. Of course, the idea of a single massive change might sound easier, but in reality this is typically a lot harder and is associated with a substantially increase risk of failing to really follow through with the vegan lifestyle. Rather the smaller changes are better since they will lay the foundation for permanent changes.

Not everyone finds the process of switching to Vegan to be a disaster. There are some people who do switch to the new diet with no problems or complications at all. However, typically the people who switch the easiest will generally be those who consume small amounts of meat and other animal products on a normal basis. This makes it much easier for them to adopt the new lifestyle with the fewest amount of complication. If you discover that you are having a problem adjusting to the new dietary requirements you should always take some time to see if there are any small changes you can make to your life to make things easier.

These small changes might seem really minor but they can potentially help you substantially. Waiting until you have completely failed the diet can be a crushing experience. Seeking out as much help as possible as quickly as possible is instead a fabulous way to proceed and is typically quite easy to do. A few minutes of your time is all that is required, the results are well worth the effort and you will be glad you took that time as well. Your new Vegan lifestyle awaits you, as long as you are able to manage the transition.





18 thoughts on “Thinking About Going Vegan for Weight Loss?

  1. Fran Fehr

    This is really motivational, I wish I had the money so I could start when I'm young. Maybe I'll get your book once I have the money.

  2. Ginny Wesley

    This is a beautiful video, and not just the run of the mill transformation. It was actually very motivating.

  3. Rei Lea

    Wait, you lost the cellulite?! Seriously?! This video incourages me alot cuz your legs look amazing! And people say you can't get rid if it. This video encourages me to get my Billy Blank videos back out. Thanks for sharing. 💙 💙

  4. mandee917

    i just bought your book today after watching your video. After work i went out and bought the stuff i needed for week 1. tomorrow starts my journey to being healthy again! im so glad i found not only your video, but your book and your channel. thank you for this! i am so excited. ive been vegan before but not raw, so im extremely excited to try these foods!! See you on the other side!!!

  5. Gaining Health

    Thank you for sharing. I am on a weight loss journey as well and I love watching videos of others who are succeeded in their journey.

  6. MrCali357

    I can't believe people were telling you to eat tons of fruit. Fruit has a lot of sugar, and even though it's natural sugar, it can still harm your body.

    Remember the rule of thumb, " too much of something good can be bad," meaning if something is good for your body, like fruit, it can also cause harm if you overeat it.

  7. KpopKayla

    I'm crying cuz this gives me so much hope I'm a little smaller than your before pictures but I still feel as horrible at a size 13 I've been trying for a year now to eat healthy but the hardest thing I've found was not knowing how to cook good foods. I find that I like veggies if they're in a delicious tasting meal with falcons and ingredients all combined perfectly. But since I have no knowledge on these things it feels impossible for me to lose weight since everything I try to cook tastes bland or gross. Anyone have advice or tips?


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